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Our service is for UK Expats or Offshore Buyers of UK Property who are investing £250,000+ of their own cash into UK property.

We work with alongside wealthy Dubai based property investors and their Wealth Managers and/or Property Agents – to show them how to use a GDEUT to eliminate all the taxes imposed by HMRC on their UK property investments (i.e how to have tax free rent and tax free capital gains). We can also remove IHT on investments – be they property or investments like stocks & shares or Bonds.

Elite Wealth Property Consulting are the only providers of this planning in the UAE, and we are happy to make sure you are given the proper support and guidance at all times.

The planning continues to shelter assets and investments from UK tax – even when an Expat returns to live there and pay UK tax. If you also have a UK business – we can also help with reducing Corporation Tax at 25%…. and even bringing together UK pensions into a SSAS, which in turn can invest into UK or UAE property with the same tax exempt status.

The video below is a quick summary of what we do:

Sadly there are UK taxes that apply to property investments – regardless of where you live! If you are a UK expat – There may also be Inheritance Tax applied to the value of your entire estate when you die – which includes all the investments you make with your tax free salary!

Here at Elite Wealth Property Consulting – our role is to provide you with a tax exempt structure into which you make your investments.

Tax exempt means just that – there are no taxes on rent, capital gains OR on death. The structure is not a loophole or fancy plan – it is a combination of HMRC qualifying arrangements that are enshrined in UK tax and pensions law – one element has been available since the 1930’s!


If you live outside the UK and enjoy beneficial tax rates (often 0%) – it may come as a suprise to learn that when you invest into UK property, the UK tax authorities (HMRC) will want to charge you UK tax!

The tax applies on your rental income and potentially on any gains made on the sale of your property. These taxes are imposed regardless of you holding the property personally or within a UK Limited Company.

If you are a wealthy client, or a property sourcing agent, or indeed a financial advisor – we highly recommend that you reach out to us as there ARE allowable solutions available that can remove these taxes, even if you intend to return to the UK in the future!

We do not source property or advise you on what is a ‘good’ deal in the UK – but we do work closely with a elite selection of property experts, so will be more than happy to assist with introductions if that is needed.

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Unit Trusts have been around since the early 1930’s as acceptable structures to hold a wide range of investments (including property). This particular unit trust is called an ‘EXEMPT’ unit trust because the only structures allowed to hold units are those that are ‘exempt’ from UK taxes – such as a range of ‘approved’ and ‘recognised’ pension schemes.

By investing into a GDEUT it is possible for an offshore investor to have their UK property investments held within a tax exempt wrapper, which pays for itself many times over from the taxes being saved.

The other sticking point that often tricks people up is that of ‘trading’ – the purchase of a property with the sole aim of carrying out works to adapt it to an alternative use (Commercial to Residential for example). The property market is awash with groups and providers aiming to show investors how to ‘flip’ property to make a profit. Using a GDEUT can not only allow this to happen, it will also remove the taxes on the profits. A win-win in anyone’s books.

This video walks you through HOW we deal with UK tax on UK property investments:

Something I get asked all the time when speaking to UK clients is this…. “How many days can I stay in the UK?” and still not be taxed.

Andy (a fellow Scot!) has created this brilliant video on the subject of the “Statutory Residency Test”.
Rather than add a video of my own, I wanted to give credit where it was due and share Andy’s great work (Thanks Andy!)

Whilst Residency testing is important, if you establish a GDEUT as a tax exempt structure, it does not matter as it remains tax exempt regardless of your personal tax status.

Enjoy Andy’s wonderful video:

In the UK our Technical Director also owns a SSAS Pensions Administration company – that can help any UK business reduce Corporation Tax. Alongside this, and using the same GDEUT – they can bring all your pensions together to allow investment into property in the UK or the UAE – again all exempt from income tax and IHT.

For more information and to get access to their FREE SSAS Masterclass – simply visit:


It is important to appreciate that every client is different – but this brief example should help summarise the planning benefits.

If we take a 45 year old living in Dubai – paying 0% tax on their salary, and wanting to invest £2m into UK property that generates a net return of 10% pa – the figures would look like this:

1) Gross Rent = £200,000
2) Tax Saved @ 20% = £40,000
3) IHT Saved @ 40% = £800,000
4) Life Cover added = £2m
5) Other Assets Protected = £5m

When looking to buy a UK property, you can easily get ‘sold’ by the headline rental income – with return rates showing as 14%+

But it is easy to be drawn in and sold an investment that requires you to cover a number of costs – such as utilities, maintenance, cleaning, voids and so on. These costs will reduce your rate of investment return – dramatically!

One of our clients deals with Government backed property rentals where the ONLY cost is the building insurance – and the property comes with a 5 year lease to a major UK corporation that is Government backed, so rent is paid on time – ALL the time.
If you would like to know more – just ask!

Paul Stewart – Technical Director

I have provided Tax, Financial, Strategic and Non-Exec Director services for a portfolio of businesses over the past 30+ years.

In the UK I own and run one of the leading SSAS Pensions Providers – Segmented Solutions Limited. If you have a succesful UK business and want to reduce your exposure to 25% Corporation Tax, or want to use your existing UK pensions to invest into property (both in Dubai or the UK) – then we can help.


In 2013 I also ventured abroad and worked in Switzerland as a US Tax expert dealing with FATCA and a specialist Investment Adviser – gaining useful skills and knowledge that are helpful for both UK and EU clients. Elite Wealth Property is my own tax consulting business, providing IFAs and Accountants with specialist tax support and even client facing seminars on the topic of how to use a GDEUT to shelter UK property investments from UK taxation.

In the past I have been an Examiner for Corporate Pensions Exams for the CII and Technical Training Manager for Friends Provident – designing and delivering specialist sales skills training programs for high value financial services professionals. I am also an HMRC approved Pension Administrator for a growing number of SSAS pension schemes.

I am now bringing the power of a GDEUT to property investors wanting to invest into the UK – who are based in the UAE and do not want to pay 20% of their rent to the UK tax authorities!